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trying to find out if I am being scammed

  1. when I type a search on of a email address it bought me here I am trying to find out if it is a scam the email address brought me to this sight
    Blog url:

  2. How could it be a scam? There's no charge for being here.

  3. I did not me this site is the scam sorry if it was taken that way. I type in a email address of someone that started talking to me on a date site and it brought me here

  4. I am wandering if this person has scammed someone else or been scammed by someone and that is why it brought me here.

  5. invisiblemikey

    If it is an attempt to mislead, it isn't a good one. There's no content at that site - no posts, no comments, no info at all.

  6. I think the person just opened the account 38 minutes ago to ask the question above - my guess is the blog came with the account and that the URL shown is not the one they are asking about

  7. I am not trying to miss lead anyone I went onto a dating site about a week ago and was contacted by someone and now she is Africa and asking me for help.
    When I put her email address in the yahoo search box it brought me to this site.

  8. Yes auxclass I did open it just to ask my question about when I put the email address in the yahoo search box, why did it bring me to this site.

  9. The WordPress.COM Help Forum has a lot of "Google Juice" - so maybe they posted a question or something in one of the sub forums - this site pops up at the top of a lot of searches -

    as far as the email you got - my best guess is that it is a scam - lots of people out there running scams to pray on the fact that many people are kind - also if you were on a dating site that tells the person that you were looking for some sort of friend or companion - many slime balls out there pray on people

  10. Thank you auxclass

  11. You be welcome & good luck

  12. thank you

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