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Trying to find people to follow.

  1. Okay...well, I'm trying to find cool people to follow. I used to have tumblr (which I know is a totally different site from this one) but there was too much drama and whatnot on that, so I got a wordpress, and i feel like there's no point in posting anything because no one is reading my posts.

    Anyway, feel free to check out my blog if you can. Follow if you like it.

    And anyone with similar interests, please reply to this thread. I like: Japanese fashion, punk, Billy Corgan's shiny bald head, books (usually depressing or funny - my taste in books goes to extremes just like my personality), the 80s and 90s, anarchy, pop art, hello kitty, etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try searching the tags for blogs that also like the same topics. For examples, to find content tagged with books.

  3. Yup, like linearfix said, search on the tags.

  4. Billy Corgan's shiny bald head?! Well, I like his music, not too fussed about his head!

    It's a little defeatist to not want to write just in case people don't want to read the posts!

  5. Japanese fashion.... I could try it out I guess.

  6. Billy Corgan is amazing in general hahaha.

  7. xxfrozenflower

    I love Japanese fashion, (left-wing) punk ideologies, and Hello Kitty~ Wouldn't call myself an anarchist, but I find the concept of anarchy fascinating... :Va

    As long as you advertise and keep posting, your blog will pick up steam. I skimmed through your blog and it's pretty cool! Just keep at it~ (Unless blogging genuinely stops being fun. In which case, stop before your brain explodes. :B)

  8. I'm pretty ace to be fair, if you don't follow me then you can't marry my sister.

  9. You couldn't do much worse than at least take a look at my musical could probably relate to it..well the first few chapters anyway and the rest...well you never know, might have you hooked by then :)

  10. crickethighlightswatch

    ardpete What you are saying about sister pls tell i donot understand

  11. sorry to jump in and ask for people to check out my blog but I've jus got going and there's not too much point to a blog with no readers- posts on sport and music atm but more will follow-thanks

  12. Thinking about Billy Corgan's shiny head always makes me listen to this...

    And then I flail around my room and wait until the grand air-ship takes me away to the moon,


  13. ^ That should have been a full stop after 'moon'. Apologies, I got distracted. There was a hamster dancing on my face.

  14. I want to know more about the hamster............. the visual intrigues me

  15. He's called Vladimir and he's very hairy.

  16. Tepes!! The Impaler?!?! Be yee warned, no good can come from it

  17. No, no, no! As in Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, obviously :D The natural choice for a hamster name.

  18. Wow... No pressure little guy, you just do your best in yer lil spinny ball

    Never mind that THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!

  19. So long as he has chocolate treats to nom on, he's quite happy!

    ... I'm liking how we have accidentally turned this into a hamster thread... :D

  20. It was bound to happen

    But if it makes you feel any better, I did reply to several of Anar's Posts

  21. I've always loved Billy Corgan but he's been a little disappointing to me lately. Too bad you don't like jokes and ridiculous things in general, otherwise i'd shamelessly recommend a visit to my blog.

  22. You like Japan, I live in Japan and occasionally write about Ninjas. I think we'll get along.

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