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Trying to get 3 photos to line up & format caption

    Post: White Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies
    Password: Brownies or brownies

    I would like the three images to be next to each other -- IMG_1978 (oil), IMG_1983 (butter) and IMG_1989 (eggs) in that order with a caption that is the same style as the captions on the other photos. How do I achieve that? Thanks!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog is private. We Volunteers cannot view it.
    We have no idea if you are referring to three thumbnail on a post or page, or if your are referring to a text widget in sidebar.
    We don't know which theme you are using and have no idea what the maximum displayed image width for posts and pages is.
    Ad as we don't know the theme you are using we don't know the sidebar width.

  3. paulthinkingoutloud

    I would resize the photos in an appropriate program so they are all the same depth (or even same width and depth). I use a program called Irfan which is free. Then copy the pictures into whatever graphic program came free with your computer -- ours is Microsoft Paint -- and arrange the pictures side by side. (You can create a background color first and then have a bit of color between the shots which still line up perfectly now that they're the same size.) Then select the finished 3-panel image and save it again as a single image and then upload the whole thing into your blog post.

  4. timethief: I provided the post, password as well as the image names to which I was referring.

    Thank you paulthinkingoutloud. I will investigate that!!!

  5. I provided the post, password as well as the image names to which I was referring.

    If you have already provided those to Staff then please mark this thread resolved.

  6. paulthinkingoutloud: just checked Irfan, it looks it only works for pcs. But, I will try use your suggestion to get the three images merged as one! That is a great idea!!! Thanks again!

  7. timethief: I would politely ask in the future, if you do not feel you have a solution, please do not respond to my support inquiries. Thank you, kindly!

  8. I would ask you to read what I first posted and use think first, answer second.
    1. Post the name of the theme you are using.
    2. State the exact size of the 3 images you wish to post side by side.
    3. Tell us if you wish to post the 3 images in a post or in a page or in a sidebar.

    You see when provide that information we can consult the resources we have with regard to maximum displayed image widths by theme and sidebar widths theme. Without relevant the relevant information being provide up front to us it all we can do is flag this thread for Staff attention.

  9. In the future, please refrain from responding to ANY of my support inquiries. Thank you!

  10. I'll be pleased to post into every thread you post. You're welcome.

  11. paulthinkingoutloud: I was able to do it in Picasa!!! Thanks Again!!!

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