Trying to get an author signed in.

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    This is the url for the blog concerned
    this is the url for her private blog.

    I have tried 3 / 4 usernames and url’s but cannot get it to work she has messed around changing url’s etc.

    Can a mod check out her settings and go to her blog and tell her or let me know and i’ll tell her.

    The blog I need help with is



    You are asking for Staff to provide access to another person’s blog that they registered to you. Think about that please. Then contact the blogger who registered that blog and tell her to post here for help.


    TT, i know what you mean and i know what i was asking and i would never ask for or be given access to another blog.

    What ever i try it will not work, all i was asking was, can a mod to into her blog and contact her and let her know what she is doing wrong with the settings, because i think she has mixed up two blogs.

    If the answer is yes i will give her the url for this topic, if thats ok.



    What, exactly, does she want to accomplish? What is the problem she is encountering with that? Does she have more than one username and if so, what are they all?


    She wants to be an author on one of my sites
    she gave me two usernames none worked.

    Leafstrewngirl or giveemhelldoll

    she has a privite blog and a normal one



    How did you invite her to be an author: by her email or by her wordpress username? WHAT ARE THE USERNAMES?


    I tried both her usernames and emails,
    the usernames are, Leafstrewngirl or giveemhelldoll



    When you say “none worked” do you mean she never received the invitations or that she did, and then was unsuccessful when she clicked on the link to accept?


    I am the admin in question. No, I never received the emails.

    My email is (email redacted). I get all of my other wordpress notifications there without issue.

    I am not connected to the blog that is Although my blog name is leafstrewngirl, my URL WAS It is now

    My username is giveemhelldoll.

    I appreciate the help but it’s not that big a deal. If you can’t get an invitation sent to that email, then I’d say we tried and that has to be good enough.

    Kathleen Breault



    Check your email spam filter; they often get filtered out.


    @ raincoaster, thanks for you help as usual.

    @ Kathleen, hope it gets sorted.



    Hi there.

    For dribblingpensioner, you can invite her using either “leafstrewngirl” or “(email redacted)” by going to Users -> Invite New from your site’s dashboard.

    I looked at your invite history and I don’t show that you’ve tried to invite her yet.

    Here’s a handy reference on how to invite someone to be a contributor on your blog:

    I hope that helps!


    @ csonnek, i did invite her but when it did not go i deleleted the invite.

    You can see by the history i have done it before.

    I will try again with leafstrewngirl


    @raincoaster, nothing in spam.

    @ Harry, try with just the email if you can. And don’t worry if you can’t get it to go, you’ll have tried, I understand. :)




    If you still have trouble, I can manually add leafstrewngirl as a user on your blog. Just let me know what user role she should have:

    * Editor
    * Author
    * Contributor

    I hope that helps!


    I have sent her another invite using the name again above your comment ( giveemhelldoll ) but she did not get it, if you would go ahead and make her an author please



    I’ve added “(email redacted)” as an author per your request.

    I hope that helps!


    @ cosnnek, i’m sorry its the wrong blog, i forgot to give you the url where she will be an author, sorry for the trouble.

    This is the blog url.



    That would’ve been good information to have earlier! ;)

    I’ve added “(email redacted)” to “” as an author per your request.

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