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Trying to get CNAME to redirect www to blog

  1. Hi, I'm having trouble getting my domain name, which I recently mapped onto my wordpress blog, to redirect to my blog when www is at the front of it. The domain name I have is I know that wordpress removes the www part of the website address when you actually view the webpage, and, although that's not great, I'm ok with. My problem is that I want people who type in the whole website address, with the www at the front of it, to redirect to (without the www). In the DNS settings on wordpress, I tried adding the following line to the settings:

    CNAME www

    That didn't work, so now I've tried doing the following:

    CNAME www

    I'm hoping this will work, but I don't know much about coding, CNAMES etc. Please could someone tell me where I'm going wrong? How can I get my full domain name with the www in front to redirect to my wordpress blog (which doesn't have www in front of it)? Any help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to worry actually, the change that I made seems to have worked!

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