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Trying to get followers for my blog

  1. richardkrasner

    I have sent out over 140 invitations to follow my blog, but only about thirty-plus have accepted. Is something blocking from all of these email addresses?

    The blog I need help with is



  3. Being rude with all caps does not help your cause at all

    How are you inviting this massive thundering herd? I don't see any subscribe Widget on your blog - or are you having trouble with another blog - also tell people to check their spam filters for your email - WordPress.COM has no control over spam filters

  4. I am inviting them one at a time, or in groups of ten, as per the instructions. Sometimes less than ten, but more than one or two.

    I went to all caps because I was emailing back and forth with a invitee who could not accept the invitation. She finally got into her own account and joined that way, but for the rest of the 100 or so, I am getting frustrated at not being able to get an answer or to get this fixed.

    I am not rude, just frustrated.

  5. Have the invitees checked their email client spam filters to be sure that the invitations are not there?

  6. 10 at a time means you are inviting them to be contributors, editors, authors or what ever if you are entering their email addresses into your dashboard - you don't have a Private Blog so it looks like you are inviting them the wrong way -

    If you want them to get an email when you make a new Post you need to use the subscribe widget - your method will not send them an email when you make a new Post and the will ALL need to open accounts here to contribute to your blog - but they will never get an email of new Posts

  7. Well, it seems to work for some people, but not for the bulk of the ones I have invited. And the list you mentioned also included followers besides contributors, editors, authors, etc.

    Also, I did not find a Subscribe widget, but did find a Follow widget, and applied that. Where is the Subscribe widget?

  8. Timethief,

    I will when I send them a message tonight

  9. I would also tell them to whitelist email from in their email clients to prevent what I described above from happening.

  10. Also, I did not find a Subscribe widget, but did find a Follow widget, and applied that. Where is the Subscribe widget?

    To set up subscriptions see> follow blog widget

    If you would like a follow button to appear on the bottom right hand corner of your site for those who do not have accounts see here >

    You can set up a customized contact form on a static page or in a text widget and above that form you can ask those who wish to have their email address "captured" to use it.

    Find Friends Who Use WordPress >

  11. What is 'whitelist' and how do they do that?

  12. It's a setting email clients have for us to provide email addresses we do not wish to be sent to spam/junk. It varies from email client to email client so I can't help with setting it up beyond this point.

  13. For those of us not technically proficient, that does not tell me anything. Why are these things so complicated? Is it because all the geeks like to make people like me frustrated and angry, because if so, it's working.

  14. Hello,

    For some reason I lost all my followers. helped me put them on my new blog and then I changed my domain and lost them all again. Could someone please help me move my followers again from my site to which I use


  15. @dorianoconnell
    Your issue is not the same as the issue been responded to in this thread. In essence posting into it amounts to hijacking a thread, which is not a good thing as it results in confusion. Thanks, in advance, for clicking this link and starting your own thread

  16. @richardkrasner
    We Volunteers are here to provide technical support only, not emotional support. I provided the very best answers I know how to provide above. Please be patient while waiting for Staff.

  17. "Is it because all the geeks like to make people like me frustrated and angry, because if so, it's working."

    That is no way to speak to someone who is just trying to help you.

    Have you considered that not all of your invitees want to follow you?

    I know very little about computer stuff as well, but I expect that 'whitelist' means that making sure that is not considered by the email as spam.

  18. I am just tired of software companies or services that take about eight hours to respond to a question. You only get instant support if you shell out big bucks, which those of us who are unemployed do not have.

  19. There is no way of my knowing that I am submitting a question to volunteers or to a staff person, especially when there is no indication of how to do that directly, instead of waiting an whole day for an answer.

    I believe you mean well, but this is no way to do business, especially since the business world shuts down after 5pm, so any answer I get after that time has to wait until the next day to be acted upon.

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