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Trying to get main page to only display most recent thread...

  1. I tried searching but didn't see a thread, so here's what I have going on; blog is @, and the theme is Freshy.

    My main home page is the threaded blog roll...It used to be set up so that only the most recent blog post would show up, with a button at the bottom for "older posts." Some time ago, this changed, seemingly on its own. Now, it shows all the posts on the same page. I tried fixing it....i thought the setting was found @ dashboard->settings->writing->sydication post set to 1 recent feed, but that doesn't change anything. Can someone please steer me in the right direction? Thank you kindly.

    - H3

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff have been introducing "infinite" scroll to themes -- a site wide change. See here for infinite scroll themes updates and note that Sunspot is among the themes with infinite scroll. See Disabling Infinite Scroll on your Blog

  3. So...switching to a non-infinite scroll theme would simply be temporary, as they're all be switched over...correct?

    Is there a complete list of themes with footers that allow for the text widget workaround?

    Will there be an update allowing for an "off" setting for infinite scroll?

    Thanks for the help on this.

    - H3

  4. The answers to your questions are at the links I provided above please click and read.
    1. Yes
    2. Not from Staff but if you follow the instructions in the workaround you can simply switch to Twenty Eleven temporaily employ the workaround and switch back to Freshy.
    3. please refer to thw workaround post as I'm not keen on wasting my time by typing that all over again here.

  5. I DID read the links. I was simply asking for clarification, as the referenced post had some [to me] ambiguous language that left me with further questions. I appreciate your condescending tone though... Thanks for the help.

    - H3

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