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trying to get rid of blog header

  1. Hello,

    I am very new to CSS, just purchased the yearly upgrade and trying to get rid of the original header title. I uploaded my own custom header but the original title header is still sitting on top of this one.

    See here:

    Help would be appreciated!

  2. You don't need CSS to get rid of the title. In Design > Custom Image Header, there is an option to "Hide Text".

  3. must be theme specific, because that option doesn't exist in Cutline. If the option does exist on the theme you are using, I hope it handles this problem

  4. As far as I can see she is using Kubrick with CSS..

  5. thanks for the responses, although when I go to design, there is not an option for custom image header. I am using the Kubrick with CSS.

  6. figured it out now! I just deleted the blog title in the settings. I was trying to do something more tricky than it really was!

    thanks for the help.

  7. smcunnin - removing your blog title is not a good idea. (If you search the forums, you'll see a number of threads on the issues with that.) Instead, you should hide the title. Since you have CSS, check out how I did that with The Journalist theme in this post It's the text indent thing that is important.

  8. Are you referring to the little words after the title of the article? I wrote a post about a sleep test and the little words say "wedding favors" instead of sleep. Couldn't figure out what that was called or if I have any control over it. Help is appreciated. New blogger Grandmapeg.

  9. We need a link to your blog in order to figure out what you're talking about.

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