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Trying to imbed from GodTube

  1. I'm not really sure how to embed a video from GodTube. It does say that their embedding works in other blog platforms, but doesn't mention WordPress.

    Any ideas?


  2. It won't work. Your best bet is to transfer it to YouTube or Google Video and post that.

    We have a very limited number of upload options here because it's a shared blogging platform and any single vulnerability exposes everyone else to that vulnerability.

  3. Thank you raincoaster.

  4. You're welcome. You can find a list of all our video options in the FAQ, but GodTube isn't one of them right now.

  5. Godtube?

  6. Christian video sharing

  7. Go to and use their Web2.0 tool to convert the video from the URL of the GodTube video to an avi, then upload it to YouTube or one of the other services that allows.

  8. Just for reference, I'm sitting here looking at the Godtube videos and it looks like they embed a security code into the embed code that's not visable when you look at the URL of the video in question. That and we've only had two requests here in the forums so far may be why it's not been added in here at

    For example, the URL for this video:

    (Which is a blast if you're interested)

    Doesn't match up with the URL in the embed code:

    That may be the issue with that 318 not found in the first URL.

  9. pray.

  10. I do but my ex is still free and about.

  11. hahahaha...

  12. I dont know how to solve ur problem, but I am able to embed videos from this clean site [Link removed - drmike]

  13. Not on blogs you're not.

  14. Agreed. You've only been here a total of 27 minutes, it's a flash video and those are removed from all user input.

    You know the penalty for not reading the Please Read Me First Before Posting sticky is death, right?

    Well it should be....

  15. dr mike is gonna eat well tonight.

    Hope he's hungry.

  16. End of the month and I'm sitting here waiting for my checks. (And they're both late.) What do you think? ;)

    edit: isn't spamming a sin? ;)

    reedit: Oh wait. They hit my wpmu install as well with the links.

  17. two ways you can to convert online video like youtube, google video to wordpress, you need a online flv converter
    or you can download youtube video from other video sharing website, then convert to avi,mpeg,wmv,mov wp support,with desktop programe flv to video converter
    you can try

  18. I just use DownloadHelper in Firefox to capture the video from GodTube and then immediately upload the video to my YouTube account. Cut and paste the link, and you're done.

  19. I only can understand bits an pieces of what everyone is saying. So praying is my best option...and buying my own Video Camcorder; which I'm on the verge of doing anyways. Thanks for the great tips. What a headache.

  20. No, there's now a better way: use the Vodpod widget.

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  22. While that is really a promotional tool, it is a converter and relevant to the topic so I will let it slide here.


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