Trying to import blog into Yahoo hosting

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    I signed up for Yahoo web hosting and am now trying to move my blog into it.

    I found out that I had to put a WordPress importer file into the blog files in Yahoo. I did that, tried to use the importer, but I just keep getting the same message over and over again – Sorry, there is an error. Failed to write file to disk.

    The importer file came from Technosailor and seems to work fine for a lot of other people. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is the file corrupt and I need to get another one from somewhere else?

    Any help would be appreciated. I am getting very frustrated and am about to bag the whole thing. I cannot believe how impossibly difficult this little project of mine has become.



    Is the importer for a blog, or a blog? There are differences in the software that could be impeding your import. Perhaps Technosailor has the answer?



    Sorry, there is an error. Failed to write file to disk.

    I think you’re getting that error message because the uploader isn’t able to put your *.xml file anywhere. Can you please check to see if the wp-content subdirectory is writable. It should be set to 777.

    Also make sure that you’re putting the wordpress.php file from tech’s zip into the wp-admin/importers subdirectory.




    I’m having a similar problem. Yahoo support is clueless, they don’t have any “easy to read” pages they can refer to, so they are useless.

    Here’s what I’ve attempted to do:
    1) Exported the .xml (rss? file) from
    2) Imported it as RSS feed (no “wordpress” import option available).
    3) The basic articles came into the root, but no user replies are visible (they do show up in the .xml file source).

    Anyone have a better method? I’m all over phpMyAdmin, MySQL etc., but no obvious (for a wp_newbie) soultions found there.



    @ callwave-

    you’ll need to install the wordpress importer from technosailor here:

    (or upgrade to wordpress 2.2)



    Yahoo support is clueless,

    Maybe this is a sign that a new host is in order….

    no “wordpress” import option available

    That’s a sign that you’re using a much older version of wordpress. You need to upgrade or at the very least use the plugin that sun points you to. And even with that, you’re probably going to have issues since that plugin’s development slowed since regular wordpress now does this internally.

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