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trying to insert ad html

  1. I have been trying to insert ad links, both in the sidebar with a text widget, and in the body of my posts, and I'm not having any luck. I insert the html generated by amazon, for instance ('<iframe src="" width="728" height="90" scrolling="no" border="0" marginwidth="0" style="border:none;" frameborder="0"></iframe>'), and save, but when I view the page, I don't see the image that is supposed to be there. I see a link composed of what looks like part of my html code instead. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    That's an iframe advertising affiliate code. The software is stripping it out and will continue to do so. No blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work or products created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by WordPress.COM

    There is an advertising program called WordAds. It’s for well established blogs on their own domains, with suitable content and 20,000 page views or more monthly.

    If you do require an ecommerce site, advertising and/or affiliate links you can hire a web host and get a free software install from Refer to >

  3. Thank you. My domain service is with hostgator. They have an "install WordPress" function in the hostgator control panel. If I do that there, should I be able to insert ads? I am definitely finding all the different options/settings confusing!

  4. Yes, you are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for help with independent installs. This forum is for those hosted by WordPress.COM only.

  5. I am still on Will a Guided Transfer help me get changed over to a platform that will allow ads? The support I am getting on both sides (WordPress and Hostgator) is leading me down increasingly difficult to understand paths. I am willing to pay to have someone set this up for me, as I'm clearly too lost to handle it myself. Thank you.

  6. A guided transfer just gets you off It's up to the host you choose whether or not they allow ads (almost all do, though).

  7. I have also been reading the install instructions at, and feel totally overwhelmed. I am hoping WordPress (.org or .com) offers a paid service to help people like me get their blog set up where/how they want it.

  8. Yes, but it's not cheap.

    If you insist on paid advertising, you can expect to lose money in your first year, quite frankly. Hosting costs 10-20 per month, and I've got a blog with a steady 200 hits a day and in eight months haven't made $80.

    If you primarily just want to blog, then stay here. If you must have ads, you must get on the learning curve and deal with

  9. What I want is a blog that will allow affiliate marketing links, ad banners, etc. Will I continue to use Hostgator but switch from wordpress.COM to wordpress.ORG? Could the Guided Transfer be my first step? The "famous 5-minute installation instructions" at are like Greek to me........

  10. I agree with raincoaster. If you are an experienced software user, and have the skill sets required to set up and manage your own self hosted install then the instructions for making the move are easy to follow. But if you are not skilled at blogging, and also lack the skill sets required to self host your own install then acquiring those skills first is recommended. Also note that it's not only setting up that ought to concern you. You will be responsible for all upgrades, installations, backups and troubleshooting.

    Most bloggers I know that take this route to make money via advertising do not make up for their hosting and domain registration costs, and with literally millions of people downloading and installing Adblock plus on their Firefox browsers each month, fewer and fewer people are seeing ads.

    If you do decide to move your content then this post may be helpful > Setting up a self-hosted install

  11. I have a blog that makes money with affiliate marketing and ads, and it gets an average of 1200 hits a day. Like I said, if you start from scratch without a proven strategy for growth you are going to lose money overall.

    I suggest you forget affiliates and ads for now, get the custom domain, grow it here at .COM where the SEO is better, and then once you're getting a thousand or so hits a day, then move off to a .org. That way you have time to learn the software without also having to learn marketing, how to manage ads, applying for ad programs, updating your plugins and theme regularly, and handling all your own security.

  12. I am surprised WordPress doesn't offer something easier for people who are willing to pay for assistance (setup, security, etc.). My hopes have been dashed! WP could easily make money off of people like me. I don't even know where else to go. I have a basic understanding of html, have built simple web pages from scratch and more difficult ones with apps like MS Front Page. I never dreamed "a blog with ads" would be such a difficult thing to accomplish!

  13. @fashnfinds
    There is virtually no original content in your blog and every "post" amounts to an advertisement driving traffic to amazon affiliate sales. It's my not humble opinion that what you are constructing is not a blog.

  14. These are my first 2 "test" blog entries. I just wanted to enter them to see how the blog editor works and get my general page setup going. It's my first day, OK?! I have moved hosting to Hostgator now and will quit bugging you all. I was hoping for some kind of business relationship with WordPress, but I see it's more of a do-it-yourself kind of thing. Like I said, I was willing to pay for the assistance. I wish WP offered that option!

  15. WordPress is for original personal and professional blogging, not for affiliate sales online. There are lots of people at who do offer those sorts of services (in fact, so do I) but as I said, they are not cheap.

  16. Thanks for letting us know you have hired a web host. Will you please enter the top of this thread and mark it "resolved"?

  17. I realize this is free software. What I mean to say is, if WP offered a paid version of its software, with in-depth support for people like me, I would BUY IT!!

    I will mark the thread resolved.

  18. offers a VIP support package for self-hosted installations: .

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