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    I’m a new wordpress blogger and I’m trying to invite a contributor to my new blog.

    The contributor has an account and is logged in.

    I have sent, and now resent twice the invitation, but nothing shows up in ‘My Blogs’ on his account.

    Question is, does he have to have an existing blog of his own? All it says in the codex is send an email, or a username and go.

    If not, can anyone tell me what the next step should be.


    The blog I need help with is



    All it says in the codex is send an email, or a username and go.

    Hi there. The codex applies only to bloggers. What applies to bloggers is found here Inviting Contributors, Followers, and Viewers
    announcement of changes here > Easier Invitations Mean More Followers and Blog Contributors


    I’ve already read the link you suggested above and it says -‘

    Your new user will now be able to access your blog by visiting the My Blogs section of their dashboard when they log in to’

    The second link just says the same thing.

    So, as I said, I’ve sent the invite three times. We are both in the same office, logged in and nothing’s happening.



    I’m sorry this is happening to your and your colleague. If the person receiving the invitation cannot accept it and follow through then your only recourse is to get Staff help. Here’s the link After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.



    Thanks for the advice.

    Will post up any resolution once I have it.



    You’re welcome and we would appreciate it if you do return and post the resolution. :)

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