Trying to make a link to a specific text on a page HELP

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    im currently trying to link a page to a specific part of another page.
    For example i have a page called courses, under this page i have 50 courses listed, one of them is ” quality of life” what im trying to do is, when quality of life is clicked, i want the reader to be directed to a page where that course is described. Ive made a page with all the course names and then a page with all the descriptions, is there a way to link the course name to its description without the reader having to scroll down to find the description of the course they are looking for? i want them to be able to click the course name and then directed to the part of the description page that explains what that course is about.

    I really hope what i typed makes sense, if anyone has any idea what im talking about please help me… Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    You can use Page Jumps to accomplish that.


    I’m not a technical person and don’t understand coding, would you be able to tell me where on my dashboard i can find the “page jumps? feature?


    It isn’t a “feature” that has a button. It’s HTML code you have to enter into the HTML tab. in the posts.


    yeah i figured that much after I read about it. I don’t understand coding at all but thanks for your help anyways.


    You are welcome.


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