trying to make NEW blog. see problem below.

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    I began new blog with name adaptandlaugh, and it was available. I went to look at templates, went ‘back’ to see other templates. It made me start over making new blog, told me adaptandlaugh was already taken and that I must take for $18 (once or monthly???) Isn’t the adaptandlaugh that is taken MINE?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you regsiter this username adaptandlaugh? If not then the blog vis not your blog. When we register a username account the matching blog is “reserved” for our later use and it cannot be acquired by anyone else.


    Member does exist, and was registered today. Does it not show up on your list of blogs?


    I thought I did everything that was asked of me, and it appeared that when I
    first put my name in as adaptandlaugh, it let me go to start designing , choosing template, etc. That is when, I chose one template to look at, and then went “back” to see the other templates, but I never saw that page again. It gave me a page to fill in, so I put in adaptandlaugh, and was told it was TAKEN (yes -by ME). Then told me only way I could have it was to pay the fee ($18) to have . I had used wordpress, because recommended to me as user friendly, easy to put blog together, etc. The pattilynnblog was a blog I put together to learn how to make a blog. Now that I have I do not need it any longer. I tried to delete it, but the delete information was very unclear, and I didn’t know what YOU thought I wanted to delete. It did not mention either “pattlynnblog” or “”.
    SO – I want to completely delete pattilynnblog, and do not know how.
    I also do not know where to go to design my new blog:


    Note: to answer ‘raincoaster’ – Yes – DOES show up as my blog. I am saying that adaptandlaugh (no .com) was mine to begin with as far as I could discern after filling out all forms.




    Do not delete anything, because at deletion is permanent and irreversable (nobody believes us when we say this, but believe it). Just set it to Private under Dashboard->Settings->Privacy and then you’re the only person who can see it. It’s always good to have a spare blog to tinker with themes, etc.

    Now, you see your grey Admin bar at the top of the page? On the right, where your username is, hover your cursor over it and a drop down menu will appear that lists all your blogs. Is the one you want there? If not, this will need staff attention.

    That thing you’re seeing telling you to buy the domain is an ad by to get you to buy the custom domain, but you don’t need it.

    #976663 was the first (and I hoped -only)
    new blog I registered. But now, if I try to go to it, there is a sentence about
    the problem with it, and I does not show up on screen

    I have new input from you guys. Thanks. I’ll submit this and read
    new input.


    raincoaster: when I went to grey bar at top of this page, pattilynnblog , the one I now want to make ‘private’ was there. I clicked on that name, and there was NO drop down menu. Nothing. I started over and tried again. Same thing. No drop down menu. No other blog name(s) , like adaptandlaugh
    or .

    I’m glad you understand my confusion & problem with not wanting to buy the .com after adaptandlaugh (that you said was already taken – by ME, right?!)

    Shall I go back to pattilynnblog to see if I can make it private, while you are still helping me?


    I THINK I successfully made pattilynnblog a PRIVATE page, not deleted.


    I am waiting, because I presume you will let me know if adaptandlaugh is my blog. Is even (which I paid $18 with credit card)
    my blog? It appears when I ‘search’ it, but only mentions a problem with it and won’t go to it.

    I’d really like to know how to get to my new blog: adapandlaugh, and get started setting it up with templates, etc. As of now, you know it was registered, but it’s not showing up. neither it or the .com version.
    Please help.


    Member is not private. is up and working fine!

    Take a few minutes to go through and that should get you started. In the meantime, the first blog isn’t doing you any harm. Just leave it for now.


    You mentioned quite a while ago (yes, I’m still waiting for answers) that your have as EXISTING and registered earlier today. I cannot find it.

    What am I to do? It is now 4:30, and so we’ve been trying to fix my blog site for quite a while. Do we just wait until tomorrow and see if my blog shows up in your system, and if not, start this procedure all over again? I will assume that is the only thing to do and will wait until 4:45 to get some response before I go on to other things I need to get done. I SO want to have this blog. I hope you are still trying to help me.


    Thanks for your recent response.

    I’ll go through and that will hopefully get me started.

    And I shall just leave first blog alone for now.

    Thanks for all your help. This is an awkward way to work back and forth on
    a problem.



    Better than nothing. Be aware the average response time in a forum is 14+ hours.

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