Trying to map domain name but have no cPanel

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    Okay, so I’m helping my social club (pce) at my university set up a wordpress.

    Previously, we had a wordpress setup at We were paying $100 a year, it was ridiculously expensive, the site was extremely laggy at all times.

    So I decided to take the site down and registered for free hosting at my university.

    I was given the domain: We haven’t touched this site since 2001. The problem is, the university’s host doesn’t have the capability to do any scripting languages such as mysql, perl, etc. I pretty much can only do html.

    No cPanel, no CMS, only given an SSH login.

    So obviously, I need to get hosting from an outside source, and somehow mask the domain with

    I have no idea how to do this, it seems that I need to change the name servers on, how would I do this without cPanel and only an SSH?

    Also looking for some good cheap hosting alternatives for this low-traffic website.



    You could set up a blog here and maybe map a sub-domain – you would probably need your IT people to help a bit

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