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Trying to move to

  1. I've snagged a host via DreamHost as per the recommended hosts from, and am having a few issues.

    1) How do I download a backup of my blog in it's entirety aside from the EXPORT setting?
    2) When I go to the new admin panel, it loops back to my blog. I need to transfer registry to DreamHost from How do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thesacredpath

    This section of the "moving a blog" support document will get you going on exporting your content and importing it into the new site. During the import process at the new site, you will be give the opportunity of having it move all of your images and such over to the new site.

    Note that the export/import will not include the theme, widgets, or any of your links. See this support document for exporting and importing your links.

  3. thesacredpath

    2. You don't have to transfer the domain name, all you have to do is point it at the new host's DNS which they should have given you in your welcome email. See this support document on changing the nameservers.

  4. Are Site Statistics transferred as well? Or is that going to be a clean slate?

  5. Stats don't transfer - but you can get a counter that can be started not at zero - bit rough but works

  6. thanosparavantis

    1) How do I download a backup of my blog in it's entirety aside from the EXPORT setting?

    I can answer at your first question: Go into: Dashboard>Tools>Export>Select the free option "Export", or the other>(Configure what you want to save)>Click at the button "Download Export File".

  7. @tptutorials: thesacredpath already covered that part. Check the first link he gave in his first response.

  8. thanosparavantis

    Oh, ok.

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