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Trying to point DNS record to external hosting

  1. Is the format below incorrect to modify the DNS record to point this domain to an external hosting plan?
    CNAME autodiscover
    A IP Address
    A 2nd IP Address

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you new host accept name servers? That is the standard & safest way of pointing to a new domain

  3. We were trying to point the domain to content hosted there for a temporary "website coming soon billboard", then process a domain transfer request for more premium theme options and plugins, etc. We have the domain setup to point to the correct folders and the DNS Zone file points to the correct IP address in the Dashboard with the other hosting provider. This is GoDaddy.

  4. GoDaddy has some sort of standard "Great things coming" opening page built into their system for the root directory of a domain name if that would work - and that would let you change the name severs to GoDaddy (note: GoDaddy has many name servers so you need to double check that you are using the correct one)

    the Cname and such I can't be much help - I will flag this for the staff to see if they have any suggestions

  5. Thank you...not sure what we're doing wrong. We tried following the steps on both the dashboards here and at GoDaddy,

  6. We don't support mapping the main domain to an A Record here, but GoDaddy should offer name servers (like every other hosting company).

    Name servers are far more reliable than A Records and continue to work if your hosting provider moves you to a different server (whereas your domain would fail instantly if mapped via an A Record).

    I recommend asking GoDaddy what your hosting account's name servers are, then you can change your domain's name servers following this guide:

  7. Thank you so much, both of you. It finally sunk in! I believe we should see the changes now...

  8. You're welcome!

  9. I followed the instructions, in the link provided, I used the DNS entries provided by go-daddy, the domain is still showing parked 48 hours later. The A record IT address does not match that of another domain that we have directed to the same hosting account. is that the problem?

  10. First, you'll need make sure that name servers GoDaddy has provided you with are for your GoDaddy hosting account, it looks like they are though.

    Now, what you have done is add them to your A Record and CNAME Records in your DNS settings, which is incorrect.

    You'll need to change the name servers following this guide:

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