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Trying to point FROM TO new wordpress platform site

  1. OK, the foundation that I volunteer for needed to use plug-ins on their blog, so they purchased hosting from Now we want to point those who go to our old site to the new .org site.

    Is there anyway to forward the address to my new site? How do I do it (other than putting up a sticky-post that says "hey, we moved!").


    The blog I need help with is

  2. For that, you'll need a Site Redirect upgrade:

  3. Publish a post starting your are moving and providing the new URL and aksing your followers to chnage the site they have linked to to the new URL. It will go out on the RSS Feed to your readers, followers, subscribers.

  4. Of course, there's that method too. :)

  5. @macmanx
    I dropped that ball. Time for tea.

  6. Thank you! (btw . . . are there any discounts for poor non-profits who barely have $12?)

  7. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any discounts at this time. The $12 is only per year, in case you were worried that it was per month.

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