Trying to point name server to other host by customizing DNS

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    Bought a domain name with hosting but am changing to hosting. Because it’s less than 60 days since domain registration, I cannot transfer the registration yet and must instead point the domain name servers to Bluehost from WordPress.

    Both WordPress and Bluehost support documents tell me that in I should to go to Store>Domains>Edit DNS. Then insert:

    But when I do this, I get an error message from WordPress:

    “We can’t save these records because they don’t look right to us. Check the errors below. Please contact support if you are unable to resolve the problem.
    1. This does not match any of the DNS record formats.
    2. This does not match any of the DNS record formats.”

    Please help, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Check with BlueHost about the capitial letters. Sometimes uppercase can throw things off.


    Tried! Didn’t work. :)

    I also tried with an without periods at the end of each line.



    To point the domain you registered at to another server (hosting service), please follow the instructions here:

    Note you will need to obtain the name server values from your current host. You should be able to find them on their support documentation, or contact them and ask for the information. (Name servers may be referred as “nameservers” or “NS records” instead.)

    Hope this helps – let us know if you have any more questions!

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