trying to purchase VIDEO PRESS but it won't take me to a check out page

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    Hello. I am a bluehost customer and I have a word press blog on my website. I am logged into my wp-admin back office and I am trying to upgrade to the premium services. I would like to purchase video press but everytime I press the button to purchase nothing happens — it doesn’t take me to a check out page and I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot buy upgrades for a blog on Bluehost. You don’t need it; you can upload video to your site anyway. Upgrades are only for blogs on


    thanks for your quick response! I am a novice to website design and I was under the impression that I need a third party, like ezs3/aws or video press, to show my videos on my blog. I do not want to upload my videos to youtube or vimeo and then get a code to paste.

    When I look at my back office of bluehost I don’t see anything that shows me how to upload videos with skins and store them and deliver them with unlimited bandwidth. All they show me how to do is upload a small video (under 10 MB) and then they give me a link I can put on the page which the user can click on and launch the video on a new page (which is not what I want.) I need video to play immediately on my webpage without ads and junk.

    However, when I log into the back office of my wordpress account I see that there are a ton of plug-ins for video. I activated the video press addon and then went to the site to try and purchase it but it wouldn’t let me buy.

    is there another plug in like video press or ezs3 you would recommend? The $60 videopress seems like a great deal. The ezs3 requires the additional purchase of Amazon Web Services where I pay for bandwidth and I really didn’t know how to accurately calculate what my costs would be — and it didn’t seem very easy to set up.

    Thanks for any insight. :)



    Nobody at can recommend plugins: we dont have any. I suggest you go to the forums at WordPress.ORG for suggestions.

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