Trying to re-register my domain

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    I recently purchased the pro bundle, only a couple of days ago.
    Now the reason I cancelled it was I didn’t think wordpress had what I was after but after looking in to it I’ve managed to get it working fine.
    I went to repurchase my domain again and it said it’s already purchased, does this mean that it’s still showing that I purchased it? My money hasn’t landed in my bank account yet so I though that may be the problem.
    If anyone of the staff or members could help that would be great!


    The blog I need help with is



    Please check:
    Store > My Upgrades
    Store > Billing History


    Just checked, it says I have no upgrades, I did purchase the pro bundle but cancelled it.
    I want to re-purchase my domain.
    How do I find out if my domain is still available or how to make it available?
    I find it hard to believe that my domain has been taken within a day of me cancelling it.
    Thanks for the reply.



    This thread has been flagged for a Staff response. Please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks for the help!


    O.k never mind, I git this sorted out now, thanks for the help!!


    No wait!! I thought it was fixed but still not letting me register my domain name, could a staff member help out please?



    I’ve issued a refund for your latest $26 charge, since your domain was not actually registered since it hasn’t yet been re-released into the registry.

    The domain should become available to re-register within five days – please check back.


    Great! thanks so much for the help, I gave it ago today but like you said I’ll give it a few more days.
    Thanks again!

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