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trying to remove "Blog at" at bottom of upgraded site

  1. mikamivineyards

    i have upgraded my site and am wondering if i can get rid of the "Blog at" and "Theme:..." items at the bottom of the template?

    can someone help? Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, you are not allowed to remove the footer credits at

  3. prestonbarclay

    Is it possible to make the footer credits smaller though?

  4. It's not allowed to hide them or make them so small they aren't readable.

    May I remove credit links such as ‘Blog at !’, theme, font, or toolbar links?
    All bloggers are required to maintain the credit links, even our VIP bloggers. Please do not hide the footer credits or the toolbar with CSS after purchasing a Custom Design upgrade.

  5. You have to be careful when making them smaller, or changing font size or colors to make them less noticable since at some point it would be the same as hiding them, which brings us back to "...not allowed to remove..."

    So yes, you can restyle them to make them a little less noticeable, but don't go too far.

  6. @thesacredpath
    Good day to you. :)

  7. G'day to you too, timethief!

  8. Whine about the footer that nobody really reads - but has their site on a URL that spells "this did not cost me anything" - sometimes I wonder - then I wonder some more - if I had a "professional" site the first thing I would do is custom domain name and domain mapping - bit more class - and way more class than worrying about the footer - ♦

  9. prestonbarclay

    Yeah I understand that making it smaller is a fine line, but regardless, on my site it's just pretty big and noticeable that I'd like to reduce a little bit. How do I do that?

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