Trying to Setup an E-Commerce Merchandise Page

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    Hi. I’m trying to figure out exactly why I am unable to setup an e-commerce shop on my site. I have a premium theme, with premium WordPress purchased services, and yet it seems like that feature/plugin is unavailable to me? It’s really frustrating because I was under the impression that I would be able to sell my merchandise. Someone please help! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Plugins are unavailable to blogs, period. Each upgrade applies only exactly to what it says and no more. You don’t buy exemption from the code restrictions or terms of service.

    If you want to do a full ecommerce shop, you can’t be on; you cannot use the code. You can either buy hosting and move your blog off to a new host and install plugins, etc there OR you can find webspace or an estore host and set that up and link to it from your blog.



    Thanks for this information raincoaster. Do you have any suggestions for an e-store host? Does paypal or google offer this service?

    Many thanks



    I have none, because I have no ecommerce sites. You’d do better asking at WordPress.ORG: by definition everyone here has chosen as their web host.

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