Trying to 'Sticky' a post onto the homepage, but it won't show.

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    As you can see from my blog – have managed to sticky my first post onto the homepage. However – I’ve written a second post and want to do the same thing and sticky it, but even though I’ve checked the box that you need to in order to ‘stick’ it, and applied a featured image, with an excerpt and everything (exactly the same as the first time), it won’t appear on the homepage.

    Have tried everything to try get it to come up, including unsticking both posts and retrying, logging off and logging in, accessing the site whilst logged off, comparing the settings of both posts, and still – the only post that will stick to the homepage is the first one. Thinking it might matter if the posts were under different categories, I changed them so they were both under the same category, but again – nothing.

    Had it working earlier in the day and now it’s just stuck…and even though it says my second post is ‘sticky’ – it appears no where.

    Please help!! Been spending hours on this, trying to get it all up and running.

    Thanks in advance guys!

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ve probably set a featured image that isn’t wide enough. See here:


    Perfect! Thanks so much for your help! Much appreciated.

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