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    If one person goes to my blog and in that one time of going to my blog clicks on, let’s say five different things (example: clicks on the title of post #1 and then within that post clicks on two pictures, and then clicks on the title of post #2 and clicks on a link in that second post) does that count as one view? Or, does it count as two views, since the person went to two posts? Or, does it count as five views since the person clicked on five different things?

    And, if a person goes to something on my blog (either my blog’s home page, or the URL of a post that I email to them) but they don’t click on anything at all…..they just go to a URL that is a part of my blog…..does that count as one view?

    Thank you in advance. I’m trying to understand my stats better.

    The blog I need help with is



    This should help clarify:

    Each click counts as one view, if Angela, the little smiley, loads. So in that case, it counts as five. If they go to the main URL of your blog and don’t click on anything else, it counts as one, no matter how much they see or how long they stay there.


    Great. Thank you so much for helping me understand better.



    You’re welcome.

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