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Trying to upload an image from Office document..need help please!

  1. Hello all, hoping for some advice please! I know we are restricted to certain file types when uploading images etc. I'm trying to upload a drawing a friend has sent me to my blog..when I opened the file he emailed me, it appeared as a Microsoft Office Image (a .tif file), which I can't seem to upload and insert into a post. All that happens is I end up inserting a link into my post which asks the reader if they want to open that file. Any advice on this..could I change that type of file to something wordpress could use?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. threestoriestenpoems

    You should be able to change it in to a jpeg or give it a URL to use when inserting instead. Try using to upload the photo and make a URL for it. It may be much easier than converting. Good luck!

  3. It'll need to be in one of these formats to allow you to upload it:

  4. Thanks to you both..I'll try all options :)

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