Trying to Use CSS Before Purchasing

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    The theme I’m currently using for my blog ( is P2. But I’d like to base my blog on Ambiru when I edit the CSS, so I thought I would use the original style sheet for Ambiru and copy it into the Edit CSS section and go from there, but all I get is a completely messed up Ambiru version of my blog, how can I get it so that the blog looks normal before editing??

    The blog I need help with is



    Set it to Ambiru. That’s the only way.


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    Set up a test blog for yourself. Set it to “private.” If you like, export the contents of your “real” blog to the test blog.
    Use your test blog to try out Ambiru CSS. When you know what to do, you are good to go without messing with your public blog.



    Oh awesome, thanks 1tess.



    That worked, the test blog now looks normal in Ambiru..

    I’m new to CSS, but for now all I wish to do is increase the width of the blog and change colours. But no changes I make in the Edit CSS setion seem to change the preview… I changed every width which was around 480px (normal width) to 800px and nothing happened, I changed a few other values and nothing seems to change, am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you



    I heard that the CSS preview is busted, and has been for a few weeks. But if you buy the CSS upgrade, you can save your changes and it does work.

    What I did was I went ahead and bought the CSS upgrade. It’s refundable within 30 days, and from what I see in the threads, WP is cool about refunds. So give it a whir.


    A couple people have reported that if you try to preview and don’t see the changes, that force refreshing that page will show the changes, but I have not tried that.



    I went back to the Edit CSS page and it already had my edit from before, pressed preview and voila’, the changes were visible, maybe i need to close the page and reload everytime i make a change.


    Or it could be that staff has fixed the issue. See what happens over the next few days.



    all is in working order, thank you all.

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