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trying to use multiple images and can't get the formatting correct

  1. i am trying to use 4 images in a post and have them all aligned left with text next to it. now, there isn't enough text to have it naturally go to the next full line after the image. i am trying to have each image on the left, then text next to it. what it is doing (no mater how many breaks or paragraph indents i try) is staggering the images. is there any way to override this?

    did any of that make sense?

  2. I upload a 1 x 1 pixel that matches the background color and stick it in there under the text, resizing it with height and width remarks to force it to fit.

  3. if i do that, it shows up as a box bc of the style format...

  4. Not really sure what the problem is exactly, but have you tried using tables? The can be a great help when formatting.

    And as for the 1x1 pixel image, can't you just set the picture border to 0 - that way no box will show.

    - Biyang

  5. can you show us an example?

  6. I would probably either give up or make four separate posts and interlink them. If you center the images, it's easy to do this, but not with left or right aligned.

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