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Trying to use wpstats app for iphone and cant get an api key

  1. I thought i saved everthing but aparently not, if i go look it up under profile i have to sign up with askmet to get it. How do i grt an api key? I am not to blog savy here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    The independent WordPress stats plugin has been replaced with JetPack >
    See here for API keys >

  3. I am not on, just .com. I will look up your link

  4. If you have a blog then it's automatically equipped with Akismet. No API key is required and there's nothing for you to do. All free hosted blogs have Akismet activated.

  5. Then I guess I am not understanding why WPStats app keeps asking for my API and URI what ever that is. without it, it won't give me my stats.

  6. ok, never mind, I just realized since I last checked my other wordpress apps they upgraded with stats included. I don't even need the wpstats app anymore. Thanks for your time.

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