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    I’ve been scanning the support forum for about 20 minutes, looking for mention of The Truth Laid Bear, hoping to see some advice on installing the script or some version thereof into the sidebar widgets, so I can track who is linking to me as well as my rankings.

    I use this w/ Blogger (I don’t like Blogger, which is why I’m trying WP) and it involves editing the template, unfortunately. I’ve read ad nauseum that thou shalt not edit the template at WP, so how do I accomplish the feat of inserting the script among the widgets?

    My humble thanks for any assistance.



    Says you have to add the SiteMeter logo to your site. That’s covered in the FAQ.

    By the way, a link would have been nice as Google’s first hit on “The Truth Laid Bear” is for a joint blogger effort of raising funds for Katrina victims. That’s what I thought you were talking about until I saw your bit about tracking links.



    Here’s the link ( for anyone else wondering what I was referring to, but honestly, the title should have covered it.

    Sorry, but you didn’t answer my question.

    When one signs up w/ ttlb, and registers a blog w/ them, they generate a script that appears on the blog itself, but one has to insert this somewhere, generally in the template itself.

    I am asking how I need to insert this into the sidebar since that is the only place we can do such insertion and editing via the widgets.

    Here’s an example of the script:
    <script language=”javascript” src=””></script >

    Let me know if I need to be more succinct.



    JAVAScripts are currently not allowed as they are a security concern. A short while ago, I made a listing of examples of how JAVAscripts have allowed back end access in the past. It’s also been covered many times in the past within this support forum as well as in the FAQ at the head of this forum.

    As I stated, their FAQ only states that the SiteMeter logo is required. That’s what I went with in my response. There is no mention of a script on that page. I answered your question with the little information that you gave us and with what I was able to pull up via Google on the program title that you gave us.

    Please remember that we are all volenteers here who are taking our time to help others. We do not know every single program on the internet but do enjoy helping others. You asked for assistance and I tried to offer that to you.

    Hope this helps,



    Sidebar-Text widget….add script there. it works.



    Um, no. Scripts are removed from text widgets for security reasons.



    starkraving deleted the old blog, I see, but here’s the answer.

    Go to TTLB and log in to your account.

    Click on “My Blogs”

    Click on “details” … and keep that window open.

    Log on to your account.

    From the Dashboard, click “Blogroll” then “Add Link”

    Remember that window I said keep open? Copy the URL.

    From the “Add Link” page of, paste the URL in the “Address” field.

    In the name field, put something useful (perhaps “My TTLB Ecosystem Details” or something really clever like “I’m an Alien Life Form in the TTLB Ecosystem”)

    Save it (“Add Link” button) and you’re done.



    Um, no. The poster was trying to add in a Javascript. Those are not allowed.



    That version posted is consistent with NZ Bear’s instructions, and corrects an error on TTLB.

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