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  1. I've linked one of my blogs to Tumblr but am I supposed to set up another blog with them or use the title of my WordPress blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What do you mean by "linked" in this case? Did you import the contents from Tumblr? is a blog.

  3. No, I mean my posts get publicized to Tumblr along with Twitter, Facebook, etc. But on their home page, there wasn't a title for my blog and it seemed as if I'm supposed to have one. So I put one in but not my WP title. I will not be posting any original posts to Tumblr. Was that correct?

  4. Well, it depends what you want to use Tumblr for. You cannot publicize to Tumblr if you do not have a Tumblog, so yes, you have to register one. If you want, it can have the same name as your blog. Mine does: I have and but it doesn't matter.

    If you don't make any original posts on Tumblr, the value of publicizing to Tumblr is nil. Nobody will read it. If they want to read your blog, they will read you on

  5. Gosh, thanks. Why does Word Press encourage publicizing to Tumblr then? I don't post anything original to Twitter or Facebook either but I get followers from both of them. I thought it was supposed to be strictly for getting my blog "out there".

    Do you think it's benefecial to post to Tumblr? Has it helped you?

  6. WP encourages publicizing to Tumblr for people who are already using Tumblr. Publicizing to it when you aren't using Tumblr is like pushing your posts to Facebook when you don't have any Facebook friends. You can do it, but it doesn't do you any good.

    I do not use Publicize at all, as I do not think posting robotically is an effective marketing technique. When I cross-post my content to different platforms I always write an original introduction sentence or paragraph. After all, if you can't be bothered to manually paste a link and say something about it, why would anyone else be tempted to read it.

    The internet is give-to-get. If all you give it is automated spam, that's the kind of followers you'll attract: those who support automated spam in the hope you'll subscribe to theirs.

  7. Additionaly, Facebook downgrades autoposted material so that far fewer people see it than see manually posted links, even if they are to the same article. And Google Plus disallows them entirely.

  8. Wow! Then why does Word Press encourage all this. I had no idea. How did you find all this out?

    And yes, I'm getting lots of automated spam and have even contaced Word Press about it.

    So do you schedule your posts to the various websites. Right now I'm posting a lot but I'm letting the automated links do the work for me. I could easily break up my posts.

    You are a wealth of information and I thank you so much for taking this time to help me out,


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