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Tumblr and Twitter support please

  1. Please add Tumblr and Twitter support please. Perhaps sidebar badges. Even better for Tumblr would be the ability to include Tumblr posts as WordPress entries.

  2. Thanks for the request! I would imagine that if enough people want this, then the Staff might consider it! If not, don't be too discouraged!


  3. @tomkim: I don't think we'll ever have Tumlr posts as WordPress entries because that would leave wordpress WAAAY open to spam. You can go in the other direction and have Tumlbr display your WordPress posts.

    My Tumblr is completely autogenerated off of other sites I contribute to like wordpress, digg, delicious, and stumbleupon.

  4. Best bet would be to send in feedback. Also I do believe we can do Twitter via RSS. Link. I found that by searching just for reference.

    Hope this helps,

  5. I'd like to see Twitter badge support. RSS is too slow to update which defeats the purpose of Twitter. Also, the badges are well designed and part of the Twitter appeal.

  6. Yes, Twitter widget please!

  7. Send in a feedback...

  8. Hear. Hear.

    Please figure out a way to integrate Twitter...

  9. Twitter is sufficiently trendy that its inclusion is probably only a matter of time. I guess they're still negotiating the terms.

  10. BBQ bribes maybe? :)

  11. It would be fantastic to get a Twitter something or other :) BBQ, hmmm, that's kinda hard to send via snail mail...home made cookies? Favorite requests....

  12. hauntingthunder

    Me too can we have a widget please ?

  13. There's a method linked to up above on how to use the RSS feed from Twitter. You can put that into an RSS widget for the time being as a workaround.

    The suggestion is also listed to send in a feedback and request this feature along with why you think it's important.

  14. Yes please, that's what I am looking for. A good twitter widget on *!

  15. @jonny123
    The procedure is to send a feedback into staff listing the reasons why you want to see these features introduced.

  16. In the meantime, use an RSS widget and link it to your twitter feed. It's a little slow, but it works.

  17. Using the RSS feed, Twitter can almost function as a sideblog. Kind of.

  18. reasons ?

    1) Inform your audience what you are doing and when
    2) Inform your audience what did you do in the past or who you was communicating
    3) Cute personalization makes your audience feel you are near him
    4) Be on top web 2.0 technologies

    look at sidebar. works very cool

  19. @blumerang
    You don't seem to comprehend that:
    it's staff who make the decisions;
    it's staff that need to hear your reasons; and
    that you are supposed to send them to staff in a feedback on Monday.

    Copying and pasting the same string of reasons into different threads for different features you want to see added is ineffectual. It simply wastes the time of volunteers to have to keep telling you the process that you must use over and over again.

  20. I've seen good reasons for adding twitter support, but are you guys really considering the request, because I've read both threads and it looks as if you're avoiding answering/resolving the request.

  21. @chelpixie
    Hello. You are misunderstanding the situation. Please take note of this. All those bloggers answering questions on the forum who do not have KeyMaster after their name are unpaid volunteers. We "volunteers" do not make corporate business decisions. We "volunteers" tell bloggers what process to use to request new features.

    It's staff who make the decisions;
    it's staff that need to hear reasons; and
    you can send them to staff in a feedback on Monday.

  22. I've read both threads

    No offense entended but you must have missed the link up above for the workaround, our suggestions on sending in feedback, and TT's post right above yours explaining the situation about how things work here in the forums.

    Please send in feedback Tuesday as suggested. All you're doing is complaning to the volenteers trying to help out around here.

  23. Okay, well, I add my request on here too: both a Twitter and Tumblr widget would be awesome!

  24. @anadeixis
    Your best course would be to follow this up with a request directly to staff. Give them links to both and why you want them to add support for them. (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the "support" button in the upper right of your dashboard.

  25. You can always just put your Twitter feed in an RSS widget in the sidebar. Doesn't look as shiny, but does the trick:

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