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Tumblr and WordPress

  1. Hi again, sorry sending emails with my iPad is new so I'm going to try this again.
    I want to take my blogging to another level and decided to purchase a domain name while using WordPress and tumblr. I have read that he contents you post on WordPress can be forwarded to tumblr. I want to use WordPress as my main blogging since I love the website format and all the customization but want the community for tumblr. So if I purchase one domain name and connect both my tumblr and WordPress to that domain name, how does that exactly work or is that even possible?
    If I also buy a domain name on go daddy and use the services from tumblr or not .org do I need to pay for hosting or do I just pay the like 10 dollars a year for the domain name?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is not possible to connect two websites by buying one domain name, nor is mirroring content a great idea. If search engines see the same content in two different places, they downgrade both sites as spammers. Even though both are your own sites, it IS spam.

    What I'd suggest is that you purchase the Custom Domain and Mapping upgrades here at for $18 a year, giving you a domain name, and register as your tumblr. Use it to reblog your posts here as excerpts, which search engines think are fine, and to connect with the community there and add in whatever content expands upon your blog, things you don't necessarily want in your main site. You can see examples at and

    You could buy a domain from GoDaddy, but it costs ten rather than the five it costs here, and you still have to buy the domain mapping upgrade for $13 to attach it to your blog.

  3. Hmmmm def something to think more about. What does mapping do? So basically it would be like this is my main blog and then repost stuff on tumblr from here?

  4. Just LINK to and EXCERPT your posts on the Tumblr blog, otherwise it's spam and search engines will drop you like a hot potato. Mapping attaches your custom domain name to your site: whether you buy the domain name here for $5 or at GoDaddy for $10 you still need domain mapping.

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