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    Hello, I started a tumblr import a few days ago and it has not completed. After about 24 hours it managed to get to 3593/13393 posts completed, but it has been stuck there for about a day now. Thank you so much for dealing with this huge influx.

    The blog I need help with is snarkmodeactivate.music.blog

    Thank you again!

    The blog I need help with is snarkmodeactivate.music.blog.


    Hi snarkmodeactivate,

    I’ve reset the Tumblr importer for your site so you can try again.

    If it seems to take a long time, please be patient and don’t try cancelling the process yourself – we’re experiencing a high volume of imports from Tumblr at the moment causing a backlog of pending imports in our system. The imports are being run in the order they are submitted.

    At this point I’m not able to give an estimate on how long it might take to catch up with the backlog.

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