tumblr import stopped?

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    it says it is still in progress but the numbers haven’t gone up in seven hours. I did receive an email saying I’d run out of space, but that was like 6 hours before it actually stopped so I don’t know if it’s relevant? account thecolourblindhedgehog

    The blog I need help with is thecolourblindhedgehog.wordpress.com.




    I have same problem…
    48 Hours only 12% have been imported.
    Worldpress is definitly wrong place to import Tumblr.
    i have been run out of time due to Worldpress.
    If i knew that, i will get rid of worldpress.
    I would do anyway…. i do not need Worldpress for 12% of my Tumblr

    i will wait cumblr, and by by Worldpress (wrong choose and bad place )



    Hi @thefifthviolet, your import was indeed stalled, so I’ve reset it for you.

    We have a post here with status updates and recommendations, so you’ll want to be sure to read this:

    Then let us know if you need more help.


    It was working great, thanks for the help, but I restarted it and I think it stalled again, it hasn’t moved in 12 hours or so.



    It ran out of media space. You’re welcome to restart it, but you’ll likely need to add more space first:



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