tumblr imported two blogs not one

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    why did wordpress import two of my tumblrs instead of only the one i selected?
    this in turn added content i did not want on this blog.
    how can we remove said blogs?
    Blog url: http://changeinadvance.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is changeinadvance.wordpress.com.



    Please state which Tumblr blog content you do want to import by providing the URL starting with http:// and also provide URL starting with http:// to the Tumblr site you do not want content imported from. Then please wait for Staff asistance as I have flagged this thread for their attention.


    http://www.changeinadvance.tumblr.com is the one I wanted.

    http://www.latinscientists.tumblr.com was not a desired transfer.



    This seems to be a common problem. I’ve flagged this so staff can delete the unwanted posts. They may need you to re-import after they’re done, though.



    I’ll need to completely empty your blog so you can try again, but would you please answer these two questions first?

    1. Is http://changeinadvance.wordpress.com/ the blog you were trying to import to.

    2. Does it only contain the imported Tumblr posts?


    wait on that!
    i have posts done only in wordpress and don’t want to lose them.
    id rather delete them one by one.
    i cant risk losing my material.


    ill delete the material.
    but http://www.changeinadvance.wordpress.com was the blog i imported to.

    and it has tumblr posts from two tumblrs and a body of work created on wordpress- primarily wordpress mobile.

    so PLEASE dont delete anything!
    thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



    Ok, once you have the posts deleted, please try the import again.

    Alternatively, you might want to register another WordPress.com blog by visiting https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/ while logged in. You can use this second blog to test the import without affecting your primary blog.

    If it works there, you can just export/import via the two WordPress.com blogs.


    when i delete posts i didnt want imported to wordpress trash- does it delete them from my tumblr too?
    i cant find some posts i put to trash



    No, it only affects your blog on WordPress.com. We have no control over your Tumblr blog.

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