Tumblr imports: Long delays

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    UPDATE (December 20, 2018) : Importer times have gone back to normal as we are no longer processing so many imports at once.  Still, if you’re having trouble with a Tumblr import, please read this and get in touch with us if you need more help.
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    Following Tumblr’s recent announcement regarding content allowed on their service we’re experiencing unusually high volumes of Tumblr imports, leading to delays.

    Our best advice right now:

    Be patient & stay connected: Our importer is constantly processing thousands of posts a minute, but the backlog is very big so please be patient – it might be a few days before your import will start once it’s queued. Do not disconnect Tumblr; just allow the import to continue.

    You do not need to leave your browser open or your computer switched on – the import process happens on our servers, not on your computer, so once you’ve started the import you can carry on as usual and even start adding new content to your WordPress.com site if you want to.

    Understand limitations on Mature Content: If your site is has mature content, read these guides before proceeding. Sites that violate these will be suspended, and imports cancelled.

    Code If your content contains JavaScript, iframes, or other code not allowed on our servers, your import may fail.

    Note that free sites have a 3GB limit: If you have a large tumblr site with many images, consider upgrading your site so you will have enough room for the images. We have seen several large imports run over that.

    Still need help? If you suspect your import may have stalled because you disconnected or ran over your limit, or for some other reason (aside from it taking a long time), please create a new thread in the forums, include a link to the site you’re importing to, and add the tags modlook and tumblr import to the thread, and a member of staff will check your importer for you.

    Be sure to create your own thread. Do not post into existing threads created by other users, and also don’t post multiple threads, as that will only cause delays in getting the help you need.

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