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Tumblr posts not appearing

  1. I added the RSS widget to my sidebar, and added the rss but my content isn't showing up. The caption/title of my photos shows up, but not the photos themselves. My Tumblr content is mostly photos but occasionally YouTube or Vimeo videos. I'm using the Zorem theme on WordPress if that clears anything up. Can anyone help me figure out why my posts aren't displayed on my RSS feed? Am I misguided in thinking that my Tumblr pictures are supposed to show when using this RSS widget?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should add that I have tried selecting the "Display item content?" box, and that this only causes the title to show twice.

  3. Did some research that I probably should have done before initially posting my first question. First off, all of my Tumblr content is my own. Second, I visited this how to, but all of the options the how-to gives me aren't available. It appears Vuvox shut down, while Widgetpress doesn't go any farther past the homepage for me. The other two options don't work either. Can anyone suggest some alternatives to these? To clarify - I want to display my Tumblr photos in a feed like sidebar on my WordPress blog.

  4. All relevant support docs for blogs are found here
    I do not see an RSS Widget in this blog's sidebar
    Here's the guide

  5. Hmm @ timethief...I'm looking at my page now and I see the RSS widget in the sidebar, checked on my mobile too and it's also there but at the bottom. Maybe let me rephrase my question. If I take my Tumblr RSS feed and put it into this widget, am I supposed to see more than just the picture's title? (That's all I see on my RSS widget sidebar). I want to see the pictures I've posted on my Tumblr. Is this possible?

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