turkish widget fonts problem in chunk theme

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    hi everyone,

    i’v been using the chunk theme for my blog and had an issue with the crazy looking Turkish fonts in the widget area. i’ve written a post and as soon as i’ve published it, the Turkish characters turned into some ?s and shapes. No problem with the rest of the blog, just in the names and the listings of the widgets.

    have i done something wrong and what can be done to go back to the proper appereance?

    urgent help appreciated, thanks



    I checked http://birkadinikiadamvedigerleri.wordpress.com/ and here’s how the widgets look to me right now: http://cl.ly/GxXM/o

    If you’re still having trouble, can you please post a screenshot showing the problem and provide details about your browser and version?



    Well i havent done anything special,but somehow the problem is solved by itself in a day or two.i have deleted the last post, closed and deleted all the widgets and reinstalled them after a while and they looked all normal as they used to be. Some forums mentioned about copy-paste issues may cause such a problem so since then i try to use the menu options when pasting text from other sources.

    thanks for your interest anyways :-)

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