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Turn a post into a page

  1. I need to change a post into a page without losing the comments that have already been posted.

    And yes, I know the difference between a page and a post; but my boss wants this one post to become static.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can we get a link to the blog, starting with http?

  3. I too would like to turn a post into a page without loosing the comments.
    I know I can copy/paste the text - but what about the comments?
    - don't want to loose those.

  4. You can copy/paste the text and that INCLUDES the comments. They don't look exactly the same; they become a part of the Post. But then the conversation can continue still, you just can't use threaded comments to reply to a comment which is part of the Post.

  5. Tried doing it that way -
    (copied all, both post and comments, and then pasted into visual editor)
    - the new page title appears under the header,
    but when I click on it I get an empty page with the error -
    no page found.
    What am I doing wrong?

  6. panaghiotisadam

    You could also copy each comment, submit it as a comment of your own, then edit it to restore the original name and date.

    As for the page, apparently you have removed it. We cannot tell what you're doing wrong if we can't see the problem.

  7. If you deleted the page, that's why clicking on the name in the header gives you an error. The page is gone. You have a new post, however.

  8. Done!
    So strange - I did the same as before and all ok...

  9. I recently did the move posts to pages thing, I'm a new user trying to learn my way around WordPress, but I found the all of the comments I moved over still had my user avatar even after I changed the user information. WordPress just didn't want to acknowledge the user information I put in as the originator of the comment.

    What I finally found that I had to do was to make a copy of all of the comments along with the relevant data of the data and original poster. Then log out of WordPress as administrator and re-post all of the comments as an outsider user. Then WordPress recognized all of the comments as they correct person. Then I logged back in as administrator and edited the dates back to the originators dates. This is a pain in the butt way to do it, but it works like a charm. This is just one of the many problems that I'm finding with the way WordPress does things. WordPress is easy so long as you don't have to make changes, but it becomes a bear when working between Pages and Posts. I'm starting to wonder why didn't the programmers of WordPress include the same features that exist in the Pages area into the Posts area. That would permit Posts to be segregated like in the Pages area. In fact I don't even under stand why there is a separate Posts and Pages area when this is totally necessary. There is a block in the thinking of web log creators that you need to have a separate blog for each subject. Both the features in the Posts and Pages area can be and should be combined and if necessary with switches to turn off the features that you don't wont.

    WordPress is not a easy as advertised, because some one didn't think that someone would want to do things a little differently. I'm figuring out ways to get it done, but it could be made a log easier by the WordPress programmers. Now my big battle is how to get the tags function in the Posts to work with the Pages to attract attention to my stories. If anyone is interested in the way that I'm doing my blog, go to and take a look around. I've created a multi-themed blog that allows me to post all my stories in one area with out having to log out and back in again to multiple blogs.

  10. Now my big battle is how to get the tags function in the Posts to work with the Pages to attract attention to my stories.

    Only posts can be tagged.

  11. I understand that you can't do that with the way the works. What I've done is put my tags on my home page which is main posts page. The default is the first page in the Uncategorized category. In my case I renamed it to General. My home page is Current News and all of my tags related to my pages are on this one page. I then created an instructions text to tell all my readers how to navigate the paged once they get to the main/home page. Seems to be working as I'm getting fairly good response for being up only a couple of weeks.

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