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Turn Allowed Forum HTML Markup Into Quick Tag Buttons

  1. Hello To all the active forum Volunteers and Active forum members

    If you don't understand how to write the allowed HTML markup or you're tired of constantly Writing out the allowed HTML markup here in the forums then I have come across a useful "Grease Monkey Script" for you especially if you're using Firefox or Chrome!!! Recently a talented Forum moderator by the name of Torsten, wrote up a Grease monkey script that turns the Allowed HTML markup into quick tag buttons so all you have to do is highlight the wording and click the corresponding HTML mark up quick tag button...

    Here is screen shot displaying the before and after of the Grease Monkey Script

    If you're using the current Version of Firefox you can get the Grease Monkey Script extension here -- > then head over to this link and install the script -->

    If you're using the Firefox 4.0b8 Then you need to head over to this link --> and download the Nightly build extension of Grease Monkey the download link you will need to click is Titled "greasemonkey-2010.12.24.nightly.xpi" once you have the Nightly build extension installed then head over to this link and install the Quick tags script -->

    Chrome Users

    You will need to install the "Tampermonkey" Found here --> once installed head over to this link --> then install the quick tags script...

    Now next time you go to leave a reply on the forums you should see quick tag buttons at the top of the text field box while using your Firefox or Chrome browser....

    I know this doesn't really fit in the support forum But I wanted to alert as much people as possible about this handy Grease Monkey Script...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Useful. I wish they'd put the buttons right on the forum so anyone could use them.

  3. Yeah I agree with raincoaster.

  4. @slik
    I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. Thanks for the information. I have no intention of adding anything else to my bloated browser.

  5. I'll be installing that script into FF shortly I can see.

    Much thanks for posting this @slik

  6. I agree with you guy's Some of the moderators including myself and the moderator that created the script have suggested to have it has a forum plugin at this point all I know from the discussion we had on the blog for moderators is the idea has been noted to staff for consideration and discussion ...

  7. You're welcome! TSP,

    I would also like to give much credit & thanks to Torsten, for taking the time to write such an useful script...

  8. I used it for a few days and loved it, but I have uninstalled it for a very simple reason.

    I use Mozilla Firefox. I usually hit "Refresh" prior to submitting just in case another volunteer had the same idea of answering the thread in question. If I do that with the add-on in question, the text that I had carefully written vanishes. So unless I remember to copy it to the clipboard prior to refreshing... it's back to square one.

    I'll probably ask Torsten if he knows how to solve this.

  9. @airodyssey

    Thanks for pointing that out I usually don't refresh before submitting but your post will be a great warning for anyone that does...

  10. Interesting solution

  11. Wow! This is incredible. Never thought this is even possible.

  12. Just found this discussion.

    @airodyssey: Try this Greasmonkey-Script to backup the textarea:

    It works for me.

    Kind regards

  13. @zodiac1978: Wunderbar! I'll give it a try :-)

  14. Many thanks Torsten and Slick and Sergio!

  15. Really appreciate the good works!

  16. @panaghiotisadam

    You're welcome! = )

  17. @jiten7s

    = )

    P.s. I subscribed to your blog looking forward to reading your future posts...

  18. @Torsten

    Thank you for replying with the script workaround, = )

    P.s. I also saw your reply on the moderator blog and responded there also...

  19. Yes, I like the idea, but I also agree with raincoaster for the button. I don't think my computer could handle the download because I'm having issues with it already.

  20. @alilovesloki

    What kind of issue are you having and what browser version are you using ?


  21. Help! I can't find my FRiends! Tutor

  22. OOPS Here I am 4littlebears

  23. @4littlebears
    We cannot help you find your freinds. We are Volunteers who answer support questions. If your friends sent you an invitation to become an official user of their blog then you must have their email address so email your friend and ask what the URL for the blog is.

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