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    Is there a CSS code that will allow me to either replace the text in a page to allow for a descending blog roll (ie. instead of having the text of the page, having a series of blog posts in its place or in addition to it)?

    For example, I want a page of my blog to essentially serve as a run down of my most recent posts.

    If I haven’t been clear, feel free to ask questions for me to elaborate.

    Theme is On Demand.

    The blog I need help with is belligerentbulldog.com.


    Pages are static and sit outside of the dynamic “blog” structure and posts cannot be added to pages. Also, CSS is a styling document the browsers use to position and style the elements of a web page. It cannot be used to add or change the functionality of a theme.

    You organize posts by category and then you can use a custom menu and put those categories into the top menu if you wish. The posts will show in reverse chronological order (newest at top).

    See also this post by Panos which is a good source of information on doing this.


    Got it, thanks for the clarification!

    Somehow I was able to get what I wanted anyhow – maybe that was luck. For example, my individual music genres appear the original way, but my SUPERBLOG category shows them in descending order like I was aiming for. Interesting.


    You are welcome.

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