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Turn in your unused blogname day.

  1. It would be cool to organize a recycle your unused or wornout blognames day.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i think you need to read the faq about deleted blogs and their names...

  3. Actually that's a pretty good idea. There's nothing wrong with someone who has an unused blog (that they haven't deleted), transferring it to someone else.

  4. How about an alternate option on the "delete blog" page to give the blog URL back to WordPress... so that it remains "in play" for someone else to use later on.

    Or have an area where we can leave the URL with the password to blogs we don't use or want anymore... after deleting the material.

  5. That's not a bad idea; it could just be a tickbox. Mind you, hundreds of people will freak out once they realize their worst enemies in Club Penguin have snapped up those names and are now pretending to be them...

  6. All someone needs to do is make a post asking people to leave a comment and they can have the blog.

  7. People might need to be told, or reminded, that leaving the blog for someone else is an option to deleting it... maybe next to the "delete" button there could be a reminder that leaving the blog with the password posted on the front page is an option.

  8. gah just realised my faux pas. my apologies! maybe a directory should be made instead. or an option of having the blog recycled by not deleting it but passing over admin power to who can then pass the blog to whoever wants it through whatever means convenient.

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