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Turn off Domain Mapping so LinkedIn widget grabs new blog

  1. A few months ago, I moved my blog to a self-hosted environment... and all is well and fine and i didnt' worry about the fact that the backend still showed I had domain mapping on the backend because the DNS settings were pointing to the new domain.

    However, when I installed the new LinkedIn App for WordPress, and insert my blog's domain (, the WordPress App on LinkedIn is automatically overwrites my blog domain with the domain and displays old blog posts.

    Is there any way to cancel domain mapping on the backend of so that this doesn't happen?

  2. Contact staff directly via your Dashboard support button and ask.

  3. good call... I'll try out that option now.

  4. I tried to use the new Linkedin app for wordpress and have repeatedly received AUTHENTICATION FAILURE. I have tried both: and plain old (which pts to the blog).

    Help! (Thank you)

  5. guru - I'm afraid you are in the wrong forum. This forum is for blogs hosted at wordpress.COM. Since you appear to be self-hosted, head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  6. The LinkedIn widget was developed by Automattic Inc. You can contact support at with reports of problems using the LinkedIn app with both and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

  7. OK, so all LinkedIn issues need to go to

  8. I got the following reply from WP support:

    You still have domain mapping enabled in your blog:

    As far as is concerned, is still hosted on our servers, so those are the posts the LinkedIn app displays. You can fix this by disabling domain mapping (use the Put Blog Here link).

    However, the LinkedIn app still does not work for me. The only thing this did was change the default URL in the LinkedIn app - it's still showing old posts.

  9. Can you give us an actual link to your blog?

  10. onlinemarketer

    Raincoster: It's

    I did as WP advised. Not only are my LinkedIn updates still NOT current, but now my syndication with others sites is completely screwed up.


  11. So contact support again?

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