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Turn off Snap Preview by default

  1. Many users find "Snap Preview" an annoying thing.
    It is really frustrating sometimes. It may look good for freshers, but after we use wordpress for a while, snap seems to be really annoying.

    What do you say?

  2. You can turn it off. Presentation > Extras

  3. I would imagine it was part of Automattic's deal with that their popup ads -- sorry, previews -- would be enabled by default on all blogs. As well as turning them off on your own blog, there are multiple ways of blocking the things; I edited my hosts file because I don't trust their cookies.


  5. The answer to the question "how to turn of snap previews" can be found in the forum searchbox in several threads

  6. The answer is 3 posts above your post....


  7. Indeed the answer is everywhere .. lol ;D)))

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