Turn OFF the keyboard shortcuts in "Add New Post"

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    Hi everyone!

    When I type in the “Add new post” page, the Visual tab mode, there are some funny shortcuts that WordPress implemented recently. I hate those. I hate them because I am using a different Language keyboard and it messes up everything.

    Could someone help me turning OFF those “smart” shortcuts.

    For example:

    “Alt+T” inserts More tag. Awful. That combination is letter ţ for me. Awful.
    “Alt+Q” bring up the Blockquote. That combination is letter â for me. Horrible.

    So you can imagine the hassle. And this happens only in the “Add New Post” page. Here I can write with no such stressing shortcuts.

    Could someone please put an end to my misery. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is lacoltulstrazii.ro.



    The keyboard shortcuts have been around forever. Is it only recently that you’ve started encountering this problem?

    What language is your site’s Dashboard in?

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