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Turn Off The Light!! A DarkJade Rant

  1. Am I mad?? I'm currently staying with my mom and her boyfriend of 30+ years... Whenever I leave a light on anywhere, they say something to me. They are not the first people that I've experienced this with. Some might say you're costing money, but generally that's not what it is. For me, I just don't think that way. I don't think, a light should be on or off. Granted lights are designed to illuminate on demand, I understand this but... If I forget to turn one off, is it a crime? Is it something that should be brought to my attention?? It doesn't help that my mom never brought things like that up when I was young, in fact she for the most part she didn't tell my brother and I to do anything. We had a very free, creative, loving environment. Granted, I would have preferred a little more structure, but I learned structure on my own once I worked for a while.

    Thoughts on the Light thing?? This is indeed a rant, so, let it fly

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Who left the light on in this thread?! im not made of money!!!

  3. Who pays the electric bill?

  4. Here's my cut and dried answer: If you do not pay the electricity bill and you are in the home of someone else who is paying that bill, either shut off the lights like they tell you to do or find another place to reside.

  5. DJ, I visited your blog. I like that you've written screenplays. I have a question that's related to this post. Is it fair to say that it's better, from a creative perspective, to write characters that are not one-dimensional?

  6. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    Perfect answer Timethief.

  7. Yeah, turn the damn lights off. It'll be good habits for you once you start living by yourself.

  8. lol, wow I buried myself with this post, I was just throwen out a rant, I don't mind turning lights off, I just forget sometimes, and it was mentioned to me two different times this morning, so eh. Like I say, it was just a playful rant. I've lived on my own plenty, couldn't tell you if I turned the lights off all the time, I know I left the kitchen light on in my last place.

    @Gigi, I'm not sure I understand your question? Unless you meant your question isn't related to this post. In which case, in regards to my own writing anyway, I'd say absolutely. There is of course a place for one dimensional character's (The Popular Girl at school who only cares about cheer leading, to mention a common generic one), but for the most part, the more layers they have, the better.

    Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol is a perfect example of the many layers a character can have. He begins the story being a self serving, self absorbed, money hungry miser. But through the journey that is the pages of the story, his deeper layers slowly reveal their selves, and by the end of the story, he is the most admired and cherished man in his town.

    In movies these layers are often revealed pretty quickly, but in television shows such as E.R., or The Good Wife to mention something more recent, the slow un-layering of characters is an essential component to the longevity of the show.

  9. Yes, my question was about this post. I can see how that's confusing.

    To you, this was a rant but you were surprised at how it was taken -kinda like the way your mother reacted. I think there is something to be seen here that you are missing and since nagging never works and you started this thread wanting comments, my thought is that there's room for creativity here. So if you're willing, I'll ask you something else...

    Meanwhile, I think it's fair to say that the "Popular Girl at school who only cares about cheerleading" is being typecast. The reason she's popular is b/c of the cheerleading and the reason she's cheerleading is b/c of an American culture that teaches women at a very young age that they need to use sex to appeal to society. She cries herself to sleep at night. She's never good enough. She can't ever please her mother and her father isn't ever home. The cheerleading is all she "cares" about now b/c it brings her a sense of acceptance.

  10. You are right on the money with Dickens.

  11. strawberryindigo

    I write in the dark, saves money that way.

  12. @GiGi Hmm, in that case, what do you mean by

    Is it fair to say that it's better, from a creative perspective, to write characters that are not one-dimensional?

    Are you indicating that my original post is one dimensional?

    And, actually I wasn't surprised at how people reacted to this post, I knew what I was getting into, I was just throwen it out there to the community to see what people's opinion's would be.

  13. @Strawberry lol, thanks straw

  14. Are you the protagonist or antagonist in your original post?

  15. Hmm, I suppose I wasn't considering myself a character in this post, I was just sharing a regular life occurrence with the community for the sake of hearing other people's opinions the matter. If I intended this to be a story about someone who was going through this situation, I suppose he'd be the protagonist.

  16. That's a good call since you're the one writing the story. ("He'd," meaning you.) You even did a good job of making your first paragraph sound like a monologue. There's tension in the very first line. By the third line, you've already set up your conflict. By the middle of the monologue, you've given your actor an image to work with, a dramatic point of view: "Is it a crime?" So it's clear you want us sympathizing with his side. In fact, it's the only side we're hearing. But part of your audience is watching the film, seeing another side, shouting at the screen. They're not rooting for your protagonist.

    So is it fair to say your mother is the antagonist in this story?

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