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    Hello all.
    This is he blog I am starting.
    I initially selected theme Monochrome. I set up the front page to be a static “under construction” page while I do some of the background work and build up posts.
    All was well. Except I got tired of the Monochrome. So I switched to Enterprise. I really like it a lot better. Except that I cannot get read of some of the default widgets. Specifically, I can’t get read of the “NO CATEGORIES” in the top bar right below the pages. I read somewhere that i you do add your own widget then the default will disappear. I activated the categories widget in the sidebar but to no avail. Also I would like to get read of the POSTS and COMMENTS links on the right on the top bar. I purchased custom design but have not found any support specific to help with this issue. Any suggestion?

    The blog I need help with is mycarta.wordpress.com.




    That bar is a secondary navigator bar, that can be customized with the a custom menu.

    By default, in “Enterprise” the second bar will list your top ten categories.
    When you make your first post, with categories, that bar will change.

    You may still alter that secondary bar by creating a custom menu
    and adding it to the “Secondary menu” selection.

    When making pages (not posts) you can use the full width without a sidebar
    by scrolling the “Template” selection to “Full width:no side bar”

    As for posts without paying for a CSS upgrade, you will still have a side bar.

    To make it blank, you could upload a blank .png image and put it in a widget;
    or you could make a text image width the code something like

    <div style="height:20px;"></div>

    just to make a blank widget so the sidebar appears empty

    Maybe somebody in the forum has a better suggestion to make a blank sidebar.

    Hope this helps.



    * that template selection for pages is on the page editor.,
    (Sorry I have a tough time proof reading in these little comment boxes.)



    Thank you for your replies, I will try the things you recommend. Also, after reading your comments, I found these two
    The secondary menu might not be a bad thing to have after all. Just good to know there’s options to turn it off or hide it if I wanted.

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