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Turn off trackbacks to own posts

  1. Just recently, I've noticed that when I link to other posts on my site, the link shows up as a comment. Is there any way to turn that off? So far, I've just been deleting the comments.

  2. I just delete them as well. You can turn off inbound comments off for individual posts and you can tell Wp not to send out Trackbacks but to tell WordPress not to ecognize internal trackbacks is not supported. (I would think it would be fairly easy to do though...)

    We had a thread about this a couple of days ago but I have to make a bus right now. Hopefully someone will point you to the thread.

  3. Found it.

  4. is it possible to link a site without that site owner knowing whr the link comes from?

  5. Thanks drmike. I thought I had seen something earlier but couldn't find it.

  6. Vivian, not a problem.

    Sulz, yes and no. It's a two second act to drop your URL into any search engine and see where links are coming from.

    Two methods do come to mind.

    - Click that little box in your Options page that says you don't want to have search engines seeing your site. Your site doesn't get scanned, it's not in the search engine output, the other site owner won't see the inbound link. Kind of overkill though if you ask me.

    - Add the ref="no follow" bit to your link. This may or may not work as WP might strip it out but you can try it. Most search engines will accept this tag but not all.

  7. I think there is some confusion here. It is not possible to trackback your own post witout manually entering the TB URL.

    What you are referrring to are pingbacks, an entirely different animal.

    They are turned off from your write page under the "discussion" box on the right.

  8. I covered the 'ping thing' in the FAQ earlier:

  9. Thanks podz! I'll give that a shot!

  10. thanks drmike, that was useful.

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