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Turning blog into a book.

  1. Hi. I have posted 145 lengthy blogs over the past year and would like to print them as a book. Is there an easy way to make this transfer?
    Blog url:

  2. Yes, you can use to do this.

  3. invisiblemikey

    If you want, however, to produce a book that sells copies and makes you any money you'll need to seek a small press publisher and submit your manuscript for editing and advice. There's "books", and there's books...

  4. Some people are quite successful self-publishing, but they do need a damn good editor and more design skills than most people have.

  5. If you are just interested in printing it as a book for your own use, wasn't there a WPcom News post about just such a thing? Oh, here talking about using

    If you want to supersize it and take it a step further:

  6. I tried Feedfabrik for a client. If I recall, there were issues.

  7. I sometimes think of a simple book - almost just dumping the Posts - but even that would require moving Posts around to make sense by grouping things by topics in chapters -

  8. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I will follow up on all links. My book will be for self-use but with a lot of content.

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